• Pre-settlement funding. Unlock the value of your lawsuit today

  • How It Works

    Get the Money You Need Fast



    Fill out the quick application and a team member will reach out promptly.



    We work with your attorney on what's needed.



    We underwrite the case and requested amount.


    Receive Payment

    We document the funding and process the payment.

  • Why Pre-Settlement Funding?

    Help pay living expenses

    Just because you are waiting on a settlement payment, it doesn't mean your creditors are willing to wait for payments. Get help with paying rent, mortgage, tuition, medical expenses, utilities, or other expenses that can't wait.

    Alleviate financial stress

    Lawsuits can be stressful. It's even worse when your injured and may have missed work. Get some money now to cover immediate expenses and reduce some of the unnecessary stress.

    Unlock some of your lawsuit's value

    Settlements can take a long time. Access funds now while you're stuck in a long drawn out legal process.

    Non-recourse, so there is no risk if your case loses

    All of our funding is non-recourse. This means there is no risk to you. If you don't win your case or reach a settlement, you don't have to repay any of the funding you receive. We shoulder all of the risk.

  • Case Types

    What we focus on

    Auto Accidents

    Maritime/Jones Act

    General Negligence

    Construction Accidents

    Premises Liability


  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: If I lose my lawsuit, do I still owe you money?

    A: Absolutely not. Every advance is non-recourse. This means if you lose, we lose.

    Q: How quickly can I receive funds?

    A: Typically 1-3 days, and in some cases as quickly as same-day.

    Q: What is needed to review my case?

    A: We'll reach out to your attorney and collect case docs, and in some cases, review the case with them.

    Q: If my attorney is against me receiving funds, what happens?

    A: All three parties need to be on board for pre-settlement funding to work as intended.

    Q: Do I still receive money from my settlement?

    A: Yes. We only advance a small portion of the estimated case value.