• Are you suffering as a result of a DePuy ATTUNE knee implant?

    ATTUNE Knee Litigation

  • ATTUNE Knee Litigation

    Johnson & Johnson and its DePuy Synthes subsidiary are facing a number of lawsuits over defects in the ATTUNE Knee implant.

    Have you or somebody you know suffered pain, swelling, stiffness or other complications resulting from a DePuy ATTUNE Knee implant?

    About the Product

    Designed by DePuy Synthes, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, ATTUNE Knee was intended to improve the range of motion, stability and quality of life in patients who underwent knee replacement surgery. It promised a quicker recovery and more natural movement. The product was introduced to the market in 2011 and the company has stated it was one of the largest R&D projects in DePuy Synthes’ history. Despite all of their research, the company filed dozens of reports with the FDA documenting premature failures of the ATTUNE Knee system.

    Unfortunately, ATTUNE Knee became associated with numerous complaints from its patients:

    • Device Failure and Loosening

    • Pain and Swelling

    • Difficulty Walking

    • Limping

    • Need for Removal or Revision Surgery

    • Stiffness

    • Bruising and Infection

    At least one study performed on ATTUNE Knee found “unusually high” failure rate which may stem from failing to bond components to the tibia, one of the bones in the lower leg commonly referred to as the “shinbone.”

    In 2015, DePuy recalled nearly 14,000 ATTUNE Knee surgical tools. To date, there have been no recalls of ATTUNE Knee implants.

    The FDA’s database shows at least six other DePuy knee recalls since 2013. Below is a list of recalls:


    December 2017: 7,500 SIGMA HP PFJ Cemented Trochlear Implants recalled for elevated revision rates. READ MORE.


    January 2016: 351 SIGMA HP MBT Non-Keel Punch Knee Instruments recalled for design flaw that could cause a delay in surgery. READ MORE.


    September 2015: 7,488 Specialist 2 Intramedullary (SP2 IM) Rob recalled for instrument fracturing during surgery and leaving parts of the rods in patients. READ MORE.


    June 2015: 13,964 Attune Knee Tibial Articulation Surface Instruments recalled because product could come off during surgery, leaving a part in device in patient. READ MORE.


    March 2015: 28,732 LCS Complete RPS Inserts recalled on reports of higher revision surgery rates in Australia. READ MORE.


    November 2014: 7,944 Attune Intuition Impaction Handle recalled on reports of fractures, potentially leavings parts in the patient. READ MORE.


    November 2014: 4,555 Attune Intuition Impactors recalled because product could fracture, potentially leaving parts in the patient. READ MORE.


    February 2014: 129 S-ROM Noiles Rotating Hinges recalled because defective packaging could compromise sterility. READ MORE.


    Key reasons for knee replacement recalls:

    Faulty Design - Components prone to fracture. Tools had flawed designs.

    Improper Fit - Damage when forcing components into place.

    Loosening - Revision surgery needed due to loosening knee replacement.

    Early wear - Parts wearing out sooner than expected

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Who Qualifies for Potential Compensation?

    Individuals with a Depuy ATTUNE Knee Implant that are experiencing pain or discomfort, having undergone a revision surgery, or have been recommended for a revision surgery may qualify to pursue legal remedies and potential compensation

    What Steps Do I Need to Take?

    Fill out our contact form for a follow-up call or email focused on your inquiry. We take your privacy seriously. The information we receive will only be used to correspond with you in regard to this matter and connect you with a seasoned attorney.

    How Much Compensation Can I Receive?

    The value of a lawsuit will vary depending on a number of factors. Some of these include: If you have undergone other medical procedures or incurred other medical costs, including a revision surgery or physical therapy, the extent of your pain and suffering and if you experienced lost wages due to the discomfort and issues experienced with the Depuy Attune Knee implant.

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